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This space has been prepared in conjunction with Beachwood  Hilltop School PTO and Chante Thomas, area children's book author.  Here you can order and pay for a book(s) by Chante Thomas to be delivered to you on the day of the Author's Visit.

About Chante Thomas

Writing and publishing books for all ages has always been a dream of mine. It began 25 years ago after taking a survey course about children's literature. That started my love affair with writing and nurtured my dreams of becoming a published author.  

At that time, I was not yet a mother and I had very limited experience in the classroom yet I remember thinking where are the books that have characters that look like me, my friends and family?  I knew that we needed opportunities to see more diverse characters telling their stories.  With assistance from talented illustrators, I'm proud to say I have a shelf of illustrated children's books. 

Chante Thomas Books

All Books in this sale are paperbacks and priced at $15 each

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