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This story finds Sean ( Sean and the Book Cures) beginning a new school with his cousin Blake. As a middle school student, Sean has lots of opportunities to participate in clubs and athletics. But, because Sean loves to read, he decides m to start a reading club with his cousin. They decide to research diseases of the kidney at Blake's request. While this seems like an unusual topic and request, Sean dives into this topic with Blake and spends the rest of the year learning about kidney disease.


Their research journey takes them on a field trip to visit a local nephrologist, Dr. Lynn. While chatting with the doctor, everyone learns the real reason for this research. Blake's mom is sick. Readers of this book will discover that knowledge is power. When we seek information about the things that are bothering us, we will have less anxiety. Through researching and talking with others, our character Blake is reassured and feels hopeful about his mom's outcome.

Sean and the Book Cures: A Great Sacrifice . . . Can You Spare a Kidney?

  • Chante Thomas

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