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Sean and The Book Cures

Such an awesome book! For this to be Chante Thomas' third book, Amazing! The artistry was spectacular and very illustrative.  I loved the subtle rhyming factor incorporated, and realism from the week coming back to school to even the masks! I loved the book!


Chloe Strother, 12
Roxboro Middle School

Where I'm From

"Where I'm From" is a delightful book which truly celebrates the diversity and inclusiveness of our society.  This book will be a great addition to each elementary school classroom and library and is a great read for children and adults alike.


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Where I'm From

"Where I'm From" honors the intelligence and natural curiosity of children by gently encouraging them to think of a world beyond the one they know. Every character is "real" and they all have a story that takes the reader to unique places all over the globe. After reading this book I would assume children will be actively seeking information about a world beyond their own experience. After all is said and done, for readers young and old, what more could you ask of a book?


Brian Pete
Verified Amazon Customer

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