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"Sean and the Book Cures"

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Happy Kids with Books

Sean and the Book Cures
By Chante Thomas

Illustrated by Danielle Tate

As long as Sean could remember, he loved books! He loved the smell of them, the feel of them the words inside and the facts they told. In a nutshell, Sean is obsessed with reading! As he grew older, he began to help others with his new facts. All of the sudden, his life changed when the Covid 19 Pandemic arrived. Read this book to learn how one super kid uses his reading superpower to find a cure.


“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” 
                                 — Frederick Douglass

Where I'm From Children's Book

Where I'm From
By Chante Thomas

Illustrated by Jennifer Price  Davis

The characters in our story have the best of both worlds. They love to tell their story. No matter if you are from the United States, or someplace amazing in the world, this makes you who you are. You are all special and unique! After meeting these five amazing children and their families, you will be invited to use the map to tell your story. This book is geographic and cultural journey around the world and the United States too!


 Books by Chante Thomas

Go to school Tommy!
By Chante Thomas

Illustrated by Jennifer Price  Davis

It’s the first day of school and Tommy is nervous. Go To School Tommy is a conversation with a mom and her son written in verse. Tommy is very anxious about the first day of school. His mom reassures him that she is by his side and gives Tommy something to hold onto while at school. Continuing to read, this conversation appears to be a dream or is it? 


Go to school Tommy!


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The Cleveland Chapter of Chums, Inc.

"Where I'm From" is a delightful book which truly celebrates the diversity and inclusiveness of our society.  This book will be a great addition to each elementary school classroom and library and is a great read for children and adults alike.

Learn More about Chums

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Chloe Strother, 12
Roxboro Middle School

"Sean and the Book Cures"

Such an awesome book! For this to be Chante Thomas' third book, Amazing! The artistry was spectacular and very illustrative.  I loved the subtle rhyming factor incorporated, and realism from the week coming back to school to even the masks! I loved the book!

*  *  *  *  *

Brian Pete,

Verified Amazon Customer

"Where I'm From" honors the intelligence and natural curiosity of children by gently encouraging them to think of a world beyond the one they know. Every character is "real" and they all have a story that takes the reader to unique places all over the globe. After reading this book I would assume children will be actively seeking information about a world beyond their own experience. After all is said and done, for readers young and old, what more could you ask of a book?


Where Chante Thomas is from!

Chante Thomas

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and lived on East 177 Street from which I could hear the sounds of trains crossing nearby railroad tracks. I attended Emile B Desauze Elementary School, Gracemount Elementary, and Alexander Hamilton Jr. High School – all three of which are now closed.  I went to Beaumont School for Girls (it’s still here!) and graduated ready for college. 



Master of Arts -
Educational Leadership

and Administration, General


Master of Education -

Elementary Education

and Teaching


Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing



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